Title: Acetabular Revision Of Paprosky Iii Defects With A New Concept Shell: A Preliminary Study On 34 Consecutive Cases

  • Ceretti Marco MD,
  • Panegrossi Gabriele MD,
  • Falez Francesco Ph D


The increasing duration of life with total hip arthroplasties and trend toward indication for surgery at younger ages, will increase the amount and complexity of revision surgery.

Cementless acetabular components have shown improved long term survival over cemented components. Sometimes peripheral acetabular circumference (RIM) and acetabular wall integrity aren’t enough preserved to guarantee a new implant good stability.

Usually the treatment options for III A and III B Paprosky defects are: cage implant with cemented polyethylene liner, cementless implants with augmentation using, big revision shell implant with biological/metal augmentation or the stemmed cup implant.

The LIMA acetabular revision system born to make possible the combination between cage benefit with all the primary implant shell advantages. This solution gives the same stability of a cage and more options than a primary cup to restore the hip rotation centre without cement using.

We analyze a consecutive 34 THR executed between 2009-2013 with at least 5 years follow up.

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Corresponding author

Corresponding Author: Ceretti Marco MD Email: Dr.ceretti@gmail.com

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